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The 3 most adventurous single day rafting trips in Idaho.

When some people think of rafting they are looking for a fun day trip to go out, get splashed, do some swimming, get some sun, and watch their kids enjoy a new adventure.  For others, a day of rafting is a time to go out push the adrenaline button, challenge themselves, and experience some real adventure.  For those looking to push the limits a little we came up with this list of our favorite high adventure day trips in Idaho.

  1. Canyon section of the South Fork of the Payette River - The South Fork of the Payette River is famous for incredible scenery and crystal clear water but it is the non-stop whitewater that makes this trip something of legend.  Back to back class IV rapids with essentially constant class II and III swift water in between make this a trip for those really looking for a day of constant action and a good workout.  
  2. The Lochsa River - Spring on the Lochsa is a seasonal pilgrimage for many passionate river runners and river guides.  The fast paced action mixed with big powerful waves makes for both a thrilling that brings people back year after year. Additionally, with all of these river runners flocking to the incredible local campgrounds and great atmosphere of people excited to celebrate spring abounds making this the place to be in the weeks surrounding Memorial Day.
  3. Big Water Blowout on the Salmon River near Riggins.  If you want to experience the biggest waves in Idaho get yourself to Riggins in the first weeks of June.  The annual big water blowout is a celebration of the lower 48 states longest un-damned river fully coming to life with its seasonal explosion of water.  The waves are enormous and powerful and the over-all feel of the weekend festival is one of celebration and joy for summer.  This is a paddling adventure you will not soon forget!