Lochsa River

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When spring arrives and the rivers in Idaho start to swell with run-off, passionate river runners and those looking for a world-class whitewater adventure, partake in the annual pilgrimage to the Lochsa River.  Spring-time trips on the Lochsa take adventurous floaters down a canyon surrounded by incredible scenery and a river filled with clear mountain water and action packed miles of rapids.  This trip is not for the faint of heart but rather a must do right of passage for anyone who claims to enjoy whitewater rafting.  The trip is so beloved that the annual Lochsa festival brings together experts and novices for a celebration of spring, rafting, life, and thrill.  

As the water comes down in June trips on the Lochsa tend to take a more forgiving tone without ever becoming full on tame, meaning that as the weather warms up and the camping becomes drier the rafting is still great. So if you find yourself needing a trip to see some of the Pacific Northwest’s most incredible scenery, you want to get somewhere more off the beaten path, and you want to make sure that one day of your trip is spent making life-long memories, come on up to the Lochsa during the spring and early summer for a day of rafting you will never forget.


  • Three Rivers Rafting

    Three Rivers Rafting

    Three Rivers Rafting is a small, family run outfit that's been serving the public for over 25 years. We love big white water, fishing, relaxing, and making our guests feel at home with us.

  • Lewis & Clark Trail Adventures

    Lewis & Clark Trail Adventures

    Rafting vacations on the Salmon River of No Return and the Lochsa River. 

  • ROW Adventures

    ROW Adventures

    ROW Adventures has been Idaho's premier rafting outfitter since 1979

  • Mammoth Rafting

    Mammoth Rafting

    Mammoth River Adventures is a premier guide service offering outfitted whitewater rafting and riverboarding trips on the Lochsa River in the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness of Idaho. The Lochsa River is known for its powerful and continuous rapids making for an unforgettable whitewater rafting experience. Mammoth River Adventures provides the gear, shuttles, professional guides, and a hot riverside lunch. Make your next adventure MAMMOTH on the Lochsa River.