Rivers & Trips

  • Lower Salmon 3-5 Days

    If you are dreaming of a white-sand vacation no need to travel oversees, just come to Idaho.  The Canyons of the Lower Salmon River are filled with enormous beaches that rival any post card from the tropics with the best part being how they are accessed; by running the  whitewater with one of the many incredible companies who operate on the Lower Salmon River. This section of river in July and August has warm water where kids will swim for hours from the beach in camp and from the raft in the pools between rapids.  The rapids themselves are primarily roller coaster class III’s perfect for splashing and exciting but not overwhelming.  

  • Riggins Section Salmon Half Day - 2 Days

    The Salmon River near Riggins Idaho provides 60 miles of easily accessed whitewater set in the bottom of a deep river gorge and filled with thrilling rapids.  While this section of river has numerous opportunities for trips the most common guided trips here are half-day to two-day trips with the most common being the done in a day option. The Salmon River is the longest un-damned river in the lower 48 states and without those man-made flow controls the nature of the river fluctuates throughout the rafting season. 

  • Hells Canyon 3-5 Days

    Hells Canyon is the deepest canyon in North America, and as one imagines the bottom of a big canyon should be, this one is filled with thrilling whitewater, arguably some of the biggest rapids in the Pacific Northwest.  The Nez Pearce have a legend which claims “Coyote dug Hells...