Selway River

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The Selway River is simply one of the most exclusive river adventures in the U.S.  One of the most remote and wild commercial river trips in the U.S. the Selway only has one launch per day (private or commercial) and has a comparatively short season from mid-may until the end of July.  So after you have done the Selway you become part of a small exclusive group of river running connoisseurs who want to escape the crowds for something more elite.  After your trip, when you are in a community of river people and you say you have done the Selway, you will inevitably get some impressed nods from those in the know around you.

Floating the remote Selway River takes you into the heart of the Selway Bitterroot Wilderness, where you will challenge Class III and IV rapids while also wildlife viewing, enjoying abundant hiking, pristine fishing habitat, and reveling in the clear water and scenic campsites which are all part of any Selway River adventure. So if you want to be among the few who have traveled the most exclusive, and arguably one of the most adventurous, river trips in not only Idaho but the United States, take a hard look at the Selway for your next river adventure.


  • Hughes River Expeditions, Inc.

    Hughes River Expeditions, Inc.

    Hughes River Expeditions is a family owned and operated business that has been outfitting world-class river rafting and fly fishing trips on rivers in the West since 1976. You will find us on some of the Idaho's most spectacular whitewater and fishing rivers: Idaho's famous Middle Fork of the Salmon, Main Salmon-River of No Return, Salmon River Canyons & Selway Rivers.

  • SOAR Northwest

    SOAR Northwest

    Our mission is to assure that your trips on the Selway River and the Salmon River results in your full enjoyment of the beauty and Wilderness values of this very special part of America. SOAR Northwest is run by and experienced team of river running professionals.

  • ARTA River Trips

    ARTA River Trips

    Non-profit and friendly since 1963.

  • Selway River Adventures LLC

    Selway River Adventures LLC

    The Selway River Adventure  is a 5-6 day whitewater rafting trip in the Selway Bitteroot Wilderness