Owyhee River

River Stats

The Owyhee River is famous for the incredible desert canyons which make up the boundaries of this river from top to bottom. The most commonly run sections of the Owyhee River are the middle and lower sections which both operate in the far eastern reaches of Oregon.  However, just because they are most common does not mean they are the best.  By most accounts they are the most common because they are the easiest to access and have the most consistent flows, not because they are the most deserving of attention.

The Idaho Owyhee is an adventure from start to finish.  The whole Owyhee is notoriously challenging to get on as it typically has a short spring season, but the Idaho branches have an even shorter season with less predictability.  Many of the put-in options require 4-wheel drive adventures that rival the river adventure for excitement.  Up here the river is so small and technical in places, some trips are inflatable kayak only expeditions that travel light as a couple portages are mandatory.  However all of this adventure earns a wilderness experience un-paralleled almost anywhere in the United States.  The total number of people who see these places annually is evaluated on whether it was a single or double digit number of people who traveled.  This is a place where the wildlife has almost no interaction with humanity and the last person to camp in your nightly camp was likely your guide and it was probably the year before.  This is a place with incredible scenery where floating through vertical walled canyons begins to feel normal. The Idaho Owyhee is a magical place which truly embodies what it means to be a Wild and Scenic River.

So if you are looking for a multi-day trip full of adventure from the time you get in the vehicle until the time you are returned home, the Idaho Owyhee is your trip.  Sign up today and be one of the few who can say they have ever seen this incredible place. 


  • Barker River Expeditions

    Barker River Expeditions

    Barker River Expeditions is your center for desert river adventures in the heart of the Owyhee-Bruneau Canyonlands. We have specially designed rafts and equipment and decades of experience in this remote region. We promise expert guides and first-class service, with memories that are guaranteed to last a lifetime!

  • Wilderness River Outfitters

    Wilderness River Outfitters

    Wilderness River Outfitters is a family-owned and operated business based in Salmon, Idaho, founded by Joe and Fran Tonsmeire in 1972. Almost half a century later, WRO is still providing quality outdoor adventures on some of the finest wilderness rivers in Idaho, from the rugged desert canyons of the Owyhee basin to the pristine mountain streams of the Frank Church.