River Stats

Idaho is known as the whitewater state due to the prolific amount of incredible rafting within our borders.  So many of our runs are rightfully world famous and have become popular sought out destinations.  However we also have some runs that for whatever reason are a little more, under the radar, even though they are absolute world class rafting adventures.  The Murtaugh section of the Snake is one of those trips.  For those in the know this is one of premier high adventure rafting trips in the U.S.  For those not in the know it is entirely possible they have never heard of it.

Not for the faint of heart, most outfitters who operate here have a higher minimum age than most trips in the state and anyone who signs up should expect the very real chance they might take a swim in one of the big class IV and V- rated rapids.  But if you are signing up for this trip, it is likely the adventure is what you are looking for.  The big waves make this ride a unique adrenaline pumping experience hard to find elsewhere, so if you are on the hunt to get your adrenaline fix the Murtaugh section of the Snake River might be exactly what you need.

For those in Salt Lake City, this is one of your closest river trips.