Main Payette

River Stats

No trip to Idaho in the summer is complete without a river adventure.  Idaho is known as the whitewater state so to truly experience Idaho one must crash through some whitewater and no trip is better for that quick escape than the Main Payette River.  35 minutes from downtown Boise, anyone in the area, be it for fun or work, can escape for an afternoon rocking through the class III rapids and swimming in the warm waters.  

Trips on the Main Payette are perfect for the whole family with most of the rapids in the fun class II range but also having three class III rapids to get the excitement up.  The trip is also perfect in that two of the biggest and most exciting sections of whitewater come right at the end so the trip builds all the way towards an exciting conclusion.  

Most trips on this river section are roughly 3 hours which means they can be part of a bigger day of adventures.  So if you are on your way to or from McCall you can go rafting.  If you are in Boise, spend the morning doing other things and come out for an afternoon trip. Mix this adventure in with your life, but don’t miss the chance to create those life-long memories with your loved ones, splashing through the waves of the Main Payette River.