River Stats

When rafting the famous Hagerman section of the Snake River one goes splashing through plentiful class III whitewater in the bottom of the beautiful Hagerman Canyon surrounded by wildlife and awe-inspiring geologic formations.  This spectacular river trip is a hidden gem down in southern Idaho. it is easy to drive by this treasure of whitewater and scenery without even knowing it, but driving by and not going floating is a mistake.  If you are in Salt Lake City and looking to get on the river this is actually some of your closest and best whitewater.

When you take a trip down the Hagerman section of the Snake River you and your kids will delight in rapids like Prom Date, a long section of big rolling waves and Chris’ Hole which is sure to soak everyone in your boat.   So on those hot July days, if you find yourself in Twin Falls and need the best possible way to cool off, rafting on the Hagerman section of the Snake River is what you are looking for.