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Kids and river trips - There is simply no better vacation with your kids.

If you are like me, I look at what seems to have become a parental right of passage to take my kids to Disneyland and think, that sounds terrible.  I hate lines, hate paying too much for things and honestly I would rather my kids have authentic experience where they connect with the real world.  This is why I love river trips with my kids, they are simply the best vacation.  When we are on the river they are away from all screens, and honestly so am I.  We having nothing interrupting our time together. I love they are learning that fear does not control what we do.  Sometimes above rapids they are intimidated but as we enter the whitewater, they get splashed, we come out the bottom, and in doing so they learn that we can overcome our fears and often have fun doing it.  When we get to camp we swim in the river, explore the hillside, play cards, throw a football, and they explore on their own. Then at night, if it is on the Salmon River, we sleep out under the stars.  They see shooting stars, we talk about constellations, and we all fall asleep thinking about the incredible day we just had.  

Growing up, so many of my favorite memories with my parents were around river trips. Exploring the woods, jumping off rocks, being a kid, testing my fears and just having fun.  Now I am able to share those same kinds of experiences with my kids and as a parent they are basically my favorite thing to do with them because it is such a joy to watch how much fun they have and how much they grow and change from the adventure of it.  So if you are looking for a vacation with your kids that not only will you all love but that will bring you closer together and ultimately give your kids some incredible life experiences, sign up for a multi-day river adventure this summer.