Snake River - Bliss Dam to Headwaters of C.J. Strike Reservoir [SN9]


Tour the scenic Thousand Springs region in a power boat to witness pure natural springs flowing from basalt cliffs into the Snake River. The trips, offered by Idaho Guide Service, start and finish in the Hagerman Valley. The tours visit some of the most spectacular springs including Blueheart Springs, Riley Creek Falls, Box Canyon and Minnie Miller Springs. You will be amazed at how clear and pure the water truly is.

The Thousand Springs were a landmark noted by emigrants on the Oregon Trail, which passes through southern Idaho on the Snake River Plain. The springs are the outlet for the “Lost Rivers”—both the Big Lost River and Little Lost River, which disappear into lava rock more than 100 miles away near Arco, Idaho. The water percolates deep under the lava beds and charges the Snake Plain Aquifer before reappearing on the cliffs overlooking the Snake River and pouring into the river in a fantastic visual display. Trout farms underneath the springs harness the pure spring water and produce rainbow trout for restaurants and grocery stores throughout the United States.

On your way to the trip, you could follow the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway to get a glimpse of what you’ll see from the Snake River. Another cool place to visit in the vicinity is Hagerman Fossil Beds National Monument, home to 200 different species of fossil plants and animals that lived in southern Idaho when the climate was much wetter and warmer than it is today ... you’ll see fossils from sabertooth cats, mastodons, bears, camels, ground sloths and other species.

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