Jarbidge River [JB1]


The Jarbridge is a small swift and rocky river that falls a remarkable 50 feet per mile. In the season this river has many class III-V rapids. High cliffs form the canyon walls as the river twists and turns around blind corners. The river is a slim green oasis in the middle of a high desert. If you hike up to the canyon rim the country stretches off in all directions with swifts, swallows and eagles flying overhead. The Jarbridge is most often combined with the Bruneau River to create a trip and experience you will never forget.


Drive south from Mountain Home on State Highway 51 to Bruneau. Head southeast up the Bruneau River on Hot Springs Road, 8 miles to the take-out and drop off your shuttle vehicle. Shuttle drivers might be available in Bruneau. The road turns to gravel and leaves the river. Head towards the Bruneau overlook and stop for a look. Continue basically in a southeasterly direction. It is recommended to do the shuttle in daylight, using the distant Jarbidge Mountains as a reference. After crossing the East Fork of the Bruneau, alias Clover Creek, drive 1 mile farther to a dirt road that takes off to the west. This is the put-in for the Bruneau River section only. It is a class VI dirt road put-in and four wheel drive is highly recommended.For the Jarbidge put-in, continue in a southeasterly direction to a "T". Turn west (right) on the paved road towards Murphy Hot Springs. Put in above town in high water or a couple miles below town in lower water.

River Stats



III+ to IV

Trip Length

95 mi.




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