Over 3,000 Whitewater River Miles

Idaho, the wild rivers state.

North Fork Payette - Cabarton Run [PN2]


The Cabarton is a very popular spot in the late summer as it is a dam-release run. It is an excellent run for novices and experts alike. The Cabarton run has the secluded feeling of wilderness as there is no road along most of it.

The first couple miles are very mellow and offer a chance to unwind and gradually warm up. The landscape is fantastic.

Tressel Rapid is a rather long rapid and can be identified by the railroad cut on the river right bank. It starts gradually and picks up after passing under the railroad tressel. This Class III is the most difficult rapid on this stretch. The rest of the run is quite lively play-boating.

The run climaxes with Howard’s Plunge at Smiths Ferry. Take the plunge. Run it down the middle!

The warm, reservoir-released water makes this an ideal late-summer fun run. There are a few campsites near the upper end of the run, for overnighters. Several commercial outfitters offer trips (see outfitters).


Put in at the Cabarton bridge which is 8 miles south of Cascade on State Highway 55, and 1 mile west at the sportsman's access sign (near the Clear Creek Inn). Take out at Smiths Ferry right below Howards Plunge.